My Sketchbook

I’ve been messing around with my style lately, actually over the last few years, lol.  But more recently I have gotten myself to a more anime style.  I’ll post some of these every so often, mostly exercises and poses of some of my favorite characters.  To start, one of my most recent is a sketch I did right off the internet.  It was a pose and I wanted to see if I could duplicate it.  Maybe some of you anime fans will recognize it.

First off, I realize her right forearm on her chest is a bit disproportionate.  This exercise for me wasn’t about being exact, but being fast.  This from beginning to end took me approximately 21 minutes to complete.  I have others that are more refined, some detailed, some just quick sketches.  I’ll share my sketch book with you.

I try not to use an eraser.  But if your more comfortable with one, I’m not judging.  Get yourself a couple light, medium, and dark HB pencils if you plan on creating detail, or dark areas.  But for a quick sketch like the one above, a simple #2 will suffice.  Eventually I would love to get a set up so I can record video of me drawing.  But for now, I just want to share as much as I can.

Please enjoy!


About Anime Me!
I got into anime back in 1993 when a friend of mine introduced me to Ranma 1/2. I saw only a few episodes, but was instantly hooked.

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