My Sketchbook: Nabiki

I just couldn’t wait, since our new post this past Monday of my Ranma 1/2 review.  Below is a sketch of one of my favorite characters to pose.  Nabiki Tendo, from Ranma 1/2.  She is the middle sister of the Tendo family, and older sister to Akane.  She initially was interested in becoming Ranma’s fiance until she realized (at least at first) that “he” was a “she”.  I always liked her character, and enjoyed the trouble she caused Akane.  Usually for a buck.  LOL!  That aside, you can see two sketches below.  The close-up of her face was a sketch I completed in about 12 minutes.  I wanted to keep it simple and fast, which is why I never went in to complete her eyes.  Maybe I will one day.  The other is a pose I saw from the anime itself, where she had just woken up.  This was more of an exercise in trying something different.  I liked the pose simply because it was a character in an everyday situation.  Simply waking up in the morning.

As you can see when I was doing most of my drawing during this time, I just wasn’t comfortable completing eyes yet.  Something I did eventually get over.  LOL!  These sketches were some of my favorites, just because of the character.  You will see though in later drawings I get more detailed with shading and how cloths lay on the body.

In this instance, I just wanted to draw Nabiki.


My Sketchbook

I’ve been messing around with my style lately, actually over the last few years, lol.  But more recently I have gotten myself to a more anime style.  I’ll post some of these every so often, mostly exercises and poses of some of my favorite characters.  To start, one of my most recent is a sketch I did right off the internet.  It was a pose and I wanted to see if I could duplicate it.  Maybe some of you anime fans will recognize it.

First off, I realize her right forearm on her chest is a bit disproportionate.  This exercise for me wasn’t about being exact, but being fast.  This from beginning to end took me approximately 21 minutes to complete.  I have others that are more refined, some detailed, some just quick sketches.  I’ll share my sketch book with you.

I try not to use an eraser.  But if your more comfortable with one, I’m not judging.  Get yourself a couple light, medium, and dark HB pencils if you plan on creating detail, or dark areas.  But for a quick sketch like the one above, a simple #2 will suffice.  Eventually I would love to get a set up so I can record video of me drawing.  But for now, I just want to share as much as I can.

Please enjoy!